Gross!  Egg in Vinegar Science Experiment for Kids

Gross! Egg in Vinegar Science Experiment for Kids

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This simple egg in vinegar science experiment it is nice and makes use of issues you have already got in your home. Youngsters can watch a chemical response magically remodel an unusual egg into a big bare egg. egg science undertaking youngsters will love. This egg and vinegar experiment works nice at dwelling or within the classroom. Let’s make a Bare Egg!

Egg in Vinegar Experiment - (text) Naked Egg Experiment - child showing fingers while holding egg yolk on table
Tremendous enjoyable science undertaking… make bare eggs with some vinegar!

Egg in Vinegar Experiment – ​​Science for Youngsters

In science lessons, we be taught concerning the “constructing blocks of life” – aka Cells. We used this “bare egg” science undertaking so the little scientist might bodily establish cell elements by seeing, smelling, touching and even tasting – uff!

Like this bare egg within the vinegar experiment, egg science initiatives have been described because the rubber egg, bouncing egg, or bouncing egg experiment.

Hands Holding Eggs in Vinegar Experiment Finished Egg Results - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make bare eggs!

Associated: These youngsters had a lot enjoyable with the science experiment, it is a part of our science e book: 101 Coolest Easy Science Experiments for Youngsters!

There are a lot of totally different vinegar science experiments and vinegar science initiatives for teenagers, however that is positively one among our favorites as a result of it is tremendous simple with stunning outcomes.

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Vinegar Egg Science Experiment

Within the vinegar experiment, the idea of this egg is that it’s an acid with a pH of round 2.6, relying on the kind of distilled vinegar or vinegar, and 5-8% acetic acid in water By turning it right into a weak acid, it’ll break down the egg’s semipermeable membrane shell made from calcium carbonate after which, attributable to osmosis, the egg will take up the liquid and start to swell, turning right into a much less brittle and rubbery tissue.

Supplies Required for Rubber Egg Experiment

Vinegar Egg in a Jar Experiment - 4 eggs are displayed in a clear glass jar filled with vinegar lying on a table
Put the eggs in a glass bowl and canopy with vinegar.

Easy methods to Make Bare Eggs – Science for Youngsters

1. Put the Egg in Vinegar

We took our egg and with a couple of tongs we dropped it barely right into a jar containing a white vinegar resolution (contemporary vinegar). You have to sufficient vinegar to fully coat the eggs.

2. What Occurs in 15 Minutes?

After about quarter-hour, for the reason that calcium carbonate within the egg shell is breaking down, it begins to emit carbon dioxide gasoline. Small bubbles appear like when vinegar is dripped onto baking soda.

Fly: Add a lid to the jar to cut back odor.

3. What Occurs in 8 Hours?

After about 8 hours, the egg begins to show as gases are launched from the egg shell. It is so good to see the dancing egg.

Fly: Discover a secure place to maintain your egg out of direct daylight, with giant fluctuations in temperature (room temperature is greatest), or the place it could possibly tip over.

Egg in vinegar experiment in the bowl - 4 eggs that look like yolks but show really naked eggs
In the event you’re affected person, you will have bare eggs!

4. What Occurs in 3 Days?

After three days your vinegar experiment might be a totally bare egg!

Components of the eggshell crack and dissolve in acid inside a couple of days, and all that’s left of your shellless egg is an egg membrane.

Collecting the bouncing egg experiment - Kids Activities Blog - Egg in vinegar experiment
Watch out! Your rubber egg experiment continues to be delicate.

Eggshell Melted – Science for Youngsters

After your egg loses its shell, pay shut consideration to it. Skinny membrane may be very mushy and permeable. The truth is, in our experiment, we broke the eggs in the course of the picture shoot.

Bare eggs are so fluffy and slimy feeling – your youngsters will adore it! As you maintain it, establish the parts of your egg. The membrane of the egg holds the egg collectively.

Comparability of Egg Experiment Outcomes

We in contrast the egg’s membrane for:

  • contemporary egg or common egg
  • popping bare eggs
  • egg in sugar water

The variations and similarities are stunning.

After absorbing all of the liquid, see how a lot the egg has grown.

Egg in vinegar experiment for kids - comparison of how two egg boy's hands look
Establish the elements of the egg experiment!

Anatomy of an Egg: Cell Components in a Bare Egg

Cell elements we discovered and recognized:

  • sunflower seed – the command heart or the mind of the cell. The cell nucleus is the place RNA is replicated.
  • cytoplasm simple to seek out, egg white.
  • In a hen egg vacuole And Golgi our bodies is within the yellow.
Dropping Eggs in Vinegar Experiment - Kids Activities Blog - child's hand picking up egg swollen from vinegar solution
Let’s have a look at if this egg will truly soar!

The Bouncing Egg Experiment

Take your naked eggs to a spot the place you may make a large number and systematically drop them on a strong floor from larger factors to see how excessive your egg bounces are and do not get smashed!

A number of youngsters can work collectively to measure drop top or compete to see which of the leaping eggs will survive longer.

Extinguishing Egg Science Challenge

For an additional fascinating experiment, take the following step by placing your liquid-soaked bare egg in corn syrup and watch it deflate.

The reverse of osmosis will happen and the fluid will go away the cell and go away a brownish shriveled egg because of the focus gradients.

It is so fascinating to actually watch what consuming an excessive amount of sugar does to us! You possibly can experiment with totally different liquids and the way the egg swells relying on the acid-base response.

preparation time
10 minutes

Lively Time
10 minutes

Extra time
3 days

complete time
3 days 20 minutes


Estimated value
5 {dollars}


  • Jar – we used a mason jar however a tall glass would work too

  • Tongs or Spoon


  1. Put the egg or eggs in a jar or glass and canopy with the vinegar resolution.
  2. Watch what occurs in quarter-hour as bubbles of carbon dioxide start to interrupt aside the eggshell.
  3. Watch what occurs inside 8 hours of the egg beginning to spin because the carbon dioxide gases launched kind a dancing egg.
  4. Watch what occurs within the 3 days when the eggshell melts fully.
  5. Look at your naked egg and do additional experiments on the ensuing rubber egg to discover science ideas.

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Extra Science & Leisure from Youngsters’ Actions Weblog

This bare egg experiment It is an effective way for teenagers to see science at work first hand. For extra favorites science experiments for teenagersTake a look at these different concepts:

How was your experiment with eggs in vinegar? Did your youngsters have the persistence to attend for the eggshell to dissolve fully?

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