Easy Layers of Earth's Atmosphere Activity for Kids

Easy Layers of Earth’s Atmosphere Activity for Kids

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The environment of this science exercise for youths is filled with simple, enjoyable and entertaining studying. Let’s study in regards to the 5 layers of the earth’s environment with a little bit culinary science experiment as we speak! Youngsters of all ages can study fundamental ideas with this exercise, historically used as a center faculty undertaking… even preschool and Kindergarten age youngsters…

Let’s discover out in regards to the environment!

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Ambiance for Children

Utilizing issues round the home, you may create a visible model of the earth’s environment in a bottle, making it a lot easier to grasp and study. This might be enjoyable!

This science exercise for youths was impressed by our pal Emma at Science Sparks, who wrote the e book. This is Rocket Science.

In case you have a toddler who’s even remotely occupied with science or house, you must take a look at this new e book. The e book has 70 simple experiments that youngsters can do at house.

One of many actions on this e book!

5 Layers of Earth’s Ambiance Exercise for Children

My favourite factor about this exercise e book is that every exercise comes with a lesson. The experiment I am about to point out you is a visible illustration of the 5 layers of Earth’s environment.

The e book explains how layers act as obstacles and the way every layer does for our planet and helps us survive.

This is rocket science book - book cover next to layers of atmospheric science activity for kids
Let’s study in regards to the layers of the environment!

Supplies Vital for Earth’s Atmospheric Exercise

  • Honey
  • corn syrup
  • dish cleaning soap
  • This
  • vegetable oil
  • Slender Jar
  • Adhesive Labels
  • Pen

Ambiance Exercise Tips for Children

Stage 1

Fastidiously pour the liquids right into a jar within the order listed above. Strive to not get the thick liquids to the facet of the jar and attempt to pour the skinny liquids slowly in order that the layers keep separate.

5 layers of Earth's atmosphere chart - Kids Activities Blog
Listed below are the 5 layers of the earth’s environment!

step 2

Use labels so as to add captions to every layer of the “environment” in your jar.

Ranging from the very starting:

  • exosphere
  • thermosphere
  • Mesosphere
  • Stratosphere
  • Troposphere

Why Do not the Layers of the Ambiance Combine?

This is Rocket Science He explains that liquids keep aside as a result of every liquid has a distinct density, and relates this idea to the Earth’s environment.

Layers of Earth’s Ambiance Video

What’s Earth’s Ambiance?

Earth’s environment is sort of a jacket for our planet. It surrounds our planet, retains us heat, provides us oxygen to breathe, and is the place our climate occurs. Earth’s environment has six layers: troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, ionosphere, and publicity.


The additional layer we did not uncover on this experiment is the publicity layer.

To discover these ideas additional, I actually just like the scrolling rationalization on the NASA web site, which permits youngsters to start out with the tallest constructing on this planet after which use a mouse to scroll up, up, up by way of completely different layers. You can find this great learning tool here.

Lively Time

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  • Honey

  • corn syrup

  • dish cleaning soap

  • This

  • vegetable oil


  • Slender Jar

  • Adhesive Labels

  • Pen


  1. We stack the liquids within the clear jar with the heaviest and thickest on the backside and add them till we get all our liquids. Fastidiously pour the liquids within the following order: honey, corn syrup, dish cleaning soap, water, vegetable oil
  2. Utilizing labels, label every layer, ranging from the highest: exosphere, thermosphere, mesosphere, stratosphere, troposphere

That is Rocket Science Ebook Data

This exercise e book can also be nice for youths to study or retain in a means that does not make them really feel like they’ve discovered over summer time trip!

this is Emma Vanstone's rocket science book

You should purchase This is Rocket Science At present on Amazon and in bookstores!

Extra Science Enjoyable From Children’ Actions Weblog

And should you’re in search of extra enjoyable science books, do not miss Children Exercise Weblog’s personal e book, The 101 Coolest Easy Science Experiments.

Did your youngsters love studying in regards to the environment of the earth with this science exercise?

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